Jewish Birthday Calculator [Free and Accurate]

Discover your unique Hebrew birth date using our intuitive calculator, and receive a personalized summary reflecting your special day.

Our Hebrew Birthday Calculator is designed with you in mind. By simply entering your Gregorian birth date, the tool instantly converts it to your Hebrew birth date, providing you with a connection to your Jewish heritage. This intuitive calculator takes the complexity out of date conversions and offers a clear, immediate result. Dive into the richness of your cultural background and discover the Hebrew date that aligns with your birth. It’s user-friendly, fast, and a wonderful way to reconnect with tradition.

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How do Hebrew birthdays work?

Hebrew birthdays are unique in that they don’t align with the Gregorian calendar we commonly use. Instead, they’re based on the Hebrew lunar calendar. This means that while you might celebrate your Gregorian birthday on the same date every year, your Hebrew birthday will shift around, often falling on a different Gregorian date each year. These birthdays hold special significance in Jewish traditions, often marked by milestones like Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

How is the Hebrew calendar calculated?

The Hebrew calendar operates primarily on lunar cycles, where months are determined by the phases of the moon. However, to ensure that festivals and holidays don’t drift too far from their intended seasons, it also incorporates solar elements, making it a lunisolar calendar. The calendar consists of 12 months, with an additional 13th month added in seven out of every 19 years. This adjustment, known as the Metonic cycle, keeps the Hebrew calendar in sync with the solar year and ensures that holidays remain seasonally appropriate.

How often do Hebrew and English birthdays coincide?

It’s rare for Hebrew and English (Gregorian) birthdays to coincide exactly, primarily because the Hebrew calendar is lunisolar while the Gregorian calendar is solar. The two can align, but it’s not consistent year-to-year. The shifting nature of the Hebrew calendar means that your Hebrew birthday will often fall on different Gregorian dates throughout your life. However, every 19 years, due to the Metonic cycle, there’s a higher likelihood that your Hebrew and Gregorian birthdays will match up, but it’s not a guarantee.